Bossa Chola 05-01-07


As the name of this month’s podcast may “elude,” I have decided to put together a complete show featuring songs from “newer” Bossa Nova/ Samba artists. There is certainly something perfect about these downtempo genres for chilling out! While I am fond of all types of Latin music, to me, Bossanova and Samba are true classics of lounge music. There are some fantastic new artists out there who are fusing Bossa Nova and Samba with newer electronic styles such as Breakbeat, Drum ‘n’ Bass’ and House and I am loving every bit of it.

I have to tell you, I was surprised at the amount of effort it took me to track down songs and artists for this feature. It seems that there are quite a few Bossanova artists releasing albums outside of the United States but, getting my hands on their CD’s/ MP3’s proved difficult. Quite a few artists were unable to provide CD’s to the US due to publishing agreements and additionally did not provide MP3’s for sale.

Anyway, I did quite a bit of searching and found some terrific artists for this show, and, learned a lot about the styles, instruments, and culture that make up Bossa Nova and Samba along the way. If I can make one recommendation to anyone who might like this month’s set, check out a great group named ”Bossacucanova.” My first exposure to them was a random purchase of Uma Batida Differente through and I was blown away by how great that album is. I just ordered Bossacucanova’s entire discography!

< < EDIT 05-02-07 > > I would like to personally thank Fabio Nobile for sending me a PROMO of his music all the way from Italy. Unfortunately, I received his CD a day after I posted this month’s episode. Fabio’s PROMO is AWESOME and I can assure you that you will hear his music on my future podcasts. If you enjoy Nu-jazz and Bossa Nova as much as I do, be sure to check out his music at Once again Fabio, Thank You!

Here is this month’s tracklist…

01. A Banda Cerrone- Rimini Samba
02. Aleksi Virta– Cosmos Bossa
03. Isabelle Antena– La Pecheresse a La Ligne (Buscemi Remix)
04. Baden Powell– Improviso em bossa nova
05. Adriana Calcanhotto and Bossacucanova– Previsão
06. Montefiori Cocktail– On a Clear Day (Sunaga T Experience Mix)
07. Easyflow– Bossa 2000
08. Jazzamor– Song For Maggie
09. Bebel Gilberto– Sem Contençäo (Trüby Trio Remix)
10. Suba– Felicidade (Buscemi Remix)
11. Zuco 103– Mayfly
12. Isabelle Antena– Spirituosi (Este Samba)
13. Mindel- Because of You
14. Latin Projectft Bebel Gilberto– Aganjú (Latin Project Mix)


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