Back to the Lounge 08-01-07


After taking a two month hiatus from the loungey side of chillout, I decided it was time to get back to the roots of this show and head “Back to the Lounge!” Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed creating the last two podcasts, but, there really is something about jazzy bossa novas, sambas, and acid jazz that bring a smile to my face.

This set really has a kind of “summer feel” to it. It is the perfect mix to throw on while chilling out by the pool with some cocktails but it could also be played in the coolest of hipster lounges. Heck, I even dug it last night while I was reading a book! It is an all around great set for lounging out. đŸ™‚

Here is this month’s tracklist…

01. Mo Horizons – Green Day (12 Inch Mix)
02. Error 404 – Summer Song
03. Fabio Nobile – Bossaroma
04. Naoki Kenji – Rain On
05. Marco Polo Cecere – Puro Prazer (Beach Mix)
06. Snorre Seim – Stokkaboogie
07. Lemonade Speedster – Desires
08. PepperMill – Cathodical Mirror Of Human Beings
09. Christian Prommer – Strings Of Life
10. Jef Stott – Funky Nawari (Drumspyder’s Midnight Snack Wrap Up)
11. Worldwide Groove Corporation – Mas Que Nada
12. Blu Mar Ten – Dolce Vita
13. Spooky – An Ending

If you enjoyed this month’s podcast I would like to bring two artists to your attention. The first is Fabio Nobile. Fabio hails from Italy and is probably the coolest jazz musician I have heard in years. Not only do his composition and arrangement skills blow my mind, he is a virsatile musician who plays percussion, bass, guitar, piano and more! I have wanted to play his music on my podcast for months and decided this month was the perfect opportunity. Be sure to check out “Fabio’s Myspace Page.

The second artist hails from Nashville, Tennessee… Worldwide Groove Corporation. Wow, I was surprised to hear such great lounge music come out of a city that is so well known for country music! I guess I have just become accustomed to chillout music coming from the west coast of the U.S. or from overseas. I found Worldwide Groove Corporation through their myspace page and purchased their debut CD Fever: Chillodesiac Lounge Vol. 1 the day it was released. It has been in heavy rotation ever since!

Chillodesiac Lounge Vol. 1 features a mixture of terrific original tracks, and, some of the most creative remixes/ rearrangements of classic jazz songs that I have ever heard! Worldwide Groove Corp have taken jazz standards such as “Tangerine,” “My Funny Valentine,” (one of my all time favorites) and “Mas Que Nada” and breathed new life in to them by creating amazingly hip, sexy, lounge arrangements that this generation as well as the next will enjoy! Buy this CD! You will love it. đŸ™‚

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I just wanted to invite all of my listeners to check out a new uplifting, positive House mix I posted on my Myspace BLOG. It is much more uptempo than the mixes I post here but is a fantastic set none the less! Check it out HERE.

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