It’s Nu for You 09-01-07



It’s “Nu,” as in Nujazz, or maybe Nu-Jazz, or perhaps Nu Jazz… however you want to spell it, it is super cool stuff and it is here just in time for the Labor Day holiday weekend in the U.S.!

So many new and exciting things are happening in my life, I guess it was bound to overflow in to my creative outlet. I had so much fun with this month’s podcast! I hope that you can tap in to all of that positive energy!

Sooooo… Nujazz, what a great umbrella term for such fantastic styles of music. It’s smooth and sexy, funky and fun, and most importantly, emotional and expressive. It combines the progressions of traditional jazz music with the power and complexity of electronic music. Had I known that Jazz and Electronica would fuse in to such a wonderfully eclectic range of styles, I don’t think I would have ever put down that Tenor Saxophone all those years ago!

This month’s downtempo podcast is a seventy-six minute musical journey, during which, I explore a broad range of styles that make up Nu-Jazz. The mix starts with what feels like a late 70’s/ early 80’s flashback! The first three or four songs are very reminiscent of tunes created by Earth, Wind, and Fire or The
Parliament Funkadelic
at the peak of their popularity. However, it is all “Nu” material. 🙂

After the initial dose of funk, we quickly move in to more traditional feeling Nu Jazz tunes which seem particularly influenced by broken beat, house, and classic jazz. The set ends with what is really becoming somewhat of a staple here at “Chill with The Chola”… the Bossanovas. I just cant get enough of samba and bossa nova lately and I have found a great selection for this show.

This chillout mix is perfect to throw on during cocktail hour to get the conversation flowing. As cocktails flow and hunger grows, you will find the seductive bossanovas will set the perfect mood for a quiet candle lit dinner experience! Enjoy. 😉

Here is this month’s tracklist…

01. Wagon CookinRidin’ On The Wind
02. The Recloose Live BandSweet Power You Embrace
03. Rivera RotationOn My Mind (Album Version)
04. SolaaSeek (Beatlicks Remix)
05. Ben WestbeechDance With Me
06. HybridJazzShapes
07. TimaxGolightly Funky Party
08. Joe Dukie, DJ FitchieSeis Por Ocho
09. PovoHi Fly
10. Monodeluxe- Show This (Original Mix)
11. MustafaLeo Cuenca (Mo’ Horizons Remix)
12. Soul Quality QuartetI’m Not Here
13. Bitter:Sweet- Heaven (Nicola Conte Rmx)
14. Living RoomSmokers Relight
15. Tactful- Recalling The Rising Sun


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