Good Morning Space Travelers 02-08-08



This podcast is dedicated to my friends over at and is the second installment of my “Space Traveler” series. You can check out the first installment HERE.

This month I decided it was time to get back to my roots and dive in to a more progressive side of downtempo music. I am a HUGE fan of deep, Progressive House/ Breakbeat music and I have been for over a decade. It is nice to see that a lot of what make progressive music, well, “progressive,” is also utilized quite often in downtempo and chillout music. The “music” in a song tends to be more important than the beats and rhythm and that is what really defines this style. Rich, complex melodies that invoke emotion are key to Progressive music and this month’s episode is an example of just that… at a slower tempo. 🙂

In this episode I have decided to start things off with an hour of very deep, dark, moody tracks. The first hour touches the “darker” side of chillout by utilizing minor and diminished keys. This gives the set a very haunting feeling, but, it is also incredibly melodic. This is something new for this show but do not fret! After the first hour I slowly lighten things up a bit as I make my way though songs in major keys to ensure that you are left with a postive vibe. I do not want to take you TOO deep after all! Enjoy.

Here is this month’s tracklist…

01. Malik Trey– Sleepy Shadows
02. H.U.V.A. Network– Morning Call (Dawn Remix)
03. Klute– Torrential Pain
04. Pako & Frederik– Percunia (P+f Chillout Mix)
05. Miika Kuisma– Trying My New Wings
06. Beatkonexion– Glut
07. Trentemoller– The Forest
08. Dex Aquaireean– Snow Fall
09. Omni Trio– Haunted Kind
10. The Architex– Altitude
11. Tom Middleton– Astral Projection
12. Talisman & Hudson– Leaving Planet Earth (GU10 Edit)
13. Northern Skyline– Afterglow Of Sunset
14. Samantha James– Deep Sunrise
15. Ladder– Transmission You
16. Sine– Cross that line (Surfers Cut)

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