August In The City 08-01-08


Well I am back after taking a month off from the podcast and have decided to post August’s podcast a few days early. Thanks again to Datapusher for covering me last month.

This month’s downtempo podcast was inspired in part by my girlfriend’s upcoming move to downtown Orlando. She found a killer deal on a “deluxe apartment in the sky,” and, she is looking forward to being in the heart of the city. I must say that I am pretty excited too! It will be fun to get reacquainted with the city after living in the burbs for so long. There is so much more to Orlando than “a mouse.” I am looking forward to seeking out some of the great food, music, and atmosphere that this city has to offer. It has been too long.

This episode starts off with a couple of “trip hop” tunes and quickly gives way to some stylish chillout, samba, and bossanova… ah yes, the bossas are back! Enjoy. 🙂

Here is this month’s tracklist…

01. Peter Bjorn & John– Young Folks
02. Trifonic– Sooner Or Later
03. Airstream One– Southern Light
04. Lenny Mac Dowell– Lauch Control
05. Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra– D’Jazzonga
06. Breakout– Planet Rock (Part 1)
07. Brazilian Love Affair Project– Aquas De Marco
08. Blackfish– Pacific Harbour
09. Malena– Fried Samba
10. Dios y Patria- Un Sueno Cumplido
11. Moca– Lounge Lizard
12. Joao Battista- Chega de Saudade
13. Stereo Action Unlimited– Lovelight
14. Jazzamor – Don’t Think Twice (It’s All Right)


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