Jazz Steppin’ 2009 05-01-09


 So this month I decided it was time to finally follow up 2007’s Jazz Steppin’ episode with another dose of chilled out drum and bass. Jazz Steppin’ is really about kicking up the tempo a bit but still maintaining a chilled out vibe. Lots of jazz, r&b, samba, and funk combined with intelligent drum and bass music.

A lot of Drum n Bass is hard and edgy these days. It seems that you really have to dig to find the jazzier stuff which is a real shame. However, spend some time digging and you will stumble across some great artists still producing music with a softer, more “musical” sound. Heavy DNB is fine for doing some serious “dancing” or for working out. However, the jazzier stuff is what I want for sofa surfing and just chilling out. 😉

Here is this month’s tracklist…

01. Galapago- La Maquina y Yo
02. Sardi– Primavera
03. Zuco 103– Volta (Bossacucanova Remix)
04. Dan Marshall– Fools Paradise
05. The Funktastics– Crocodile Skin
06. Bazeado– Segunda Feira (Bungle Remix)
07. Mutt– She Likes It
08. Shapeshifter– Equinox
09. The Amalgamation Of Soundz– 63rd Suite
10. Komatic– Untold Stories
11. Brother– Ever After
12. Phat Playaz– Down Town
13. Madmen & Poets– Afraid Of Jazz
15. Ror-Shak- Lisa’s Song ft. Lisa Shaw


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  1. Just right click the filename that is right under the play button and choose “Save Target as.” For this episode you will see the name “The_Chola_Jazz_Steppin_2009_050109.”

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