Good Evening Space Travelers 2009 08-07-09


This month’s podcast is a continuation of my “Space Traveler” series and is once again dedicated to the folks over at Lounge Radio. I try to add an episode to this series every year and I figured it was time to slow things down, and, bring out the deeper side of downtempo for this month’s show.

I took a trip to Berlin in July and had an amazing time. I had the opportunity to visit a few clubs, lounges, and bars. It really seems that Germans love their Minimal Electronica. I was pretty surprised just how much that trip influenced my song selection this month. Almost inadvertently I found myself seeking out deeper, minimal types of music to mix along with ambient and chill out tunes. I am quite pleased with what came about from that subconscious decision. After listening to the complete episode, I am quite sure that Berlin has forever left its mark in my heart.

This month’s chillout podcast includes a wonderful selection of deeper chillout music, ambient, and what do you know… even a few minimal tunes. 🙂 Enjoy!

Here is this month’s tracklist…

01. Vector Lovers– Rusting Cars & Wild Flowers
02. Marconi Union– Ginza District
03. Colt!- In Memory Of The Sun
04. The Black Dog– Train By The Autobahn (Part 1)
05. Mike Foyle & Augustine Leudar– De Bells Of Nafin
06. Krusseldorf– Insidious Doctor Mouse
07. Youandewan– 1988
08. Anomy– Arabian Coffee
09. Klangzeit- Deepdive
10. Marter– Potsdamer Platz ft. Ayako Akashiba
11. Sundayman– Iambic Seahorses
12. Mario Masullo & Andrea Gabriele– Few Birds
13. Astrid Suryanto– Distant Bar
14. Mike Foyle– Shipwrecked (Chill Out Mix)

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