Drink of the Day 10-07-09


Oh yaaaaa! The drink of the day… it is something I am looking so forward to. For those of you that have ever been on a cruise, you completely understand how fun the “drink of the day” can be, and this month’s downtempo podcast is inspired by just that.

You see, I have an upcoming vacation that I am excited about. I am not taking a cruise (this time) but, we are going to carry over that wonderful idea to our trip in to unspoiled Florida. Good scenery, good fun, good drinks, and good company… who could ask for more? Well I guess me, because a good soundtrack to listen to while sipping the drink of the day is always a good idea. That is what this month’s set is all about. It is leisure time! 🙂

You are going to find a menagerie of music styles in this month’s podcast. Jazz, Salsa, Bossanova (you know I love the bossas,) downtempo, chillout, funk… it is quite diverse. Is it cocktail hour yet?

Here is this month’s tracklist…

01. Nickodemus– Conmigo ft. Sammy Ayala & The Candela Allstars
02. Belladonna– Bossa Esfera
03. Milano Jazz Dance Combo– Sam Blues
04. Clarisse Albrecht– Voce Me Da´
05. Crystal Stafford– My Secret
06. Banda Dalai Lam– Ya Tak Lublu
07. Silvia Donati– Vamos Pra La ft. LTJ Xperience
08. Alternative Jazz Lounge– To The Moon
09. Count To 9– Jazzy Street
10. Sun & Soul Shades– Wembley’s Stomp (Fed Conti Mix)
11. Weather Pending– Midlands
12. Clara Moreno– Deixa A Nega Ginga
13. Wigald Boning– Bossa Beirut
14. Tape Five– Femme Libertan

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