Best of 2008 12-10-08


Wow! This year has flown by. It seems like just yesterday that I was struggling to compile the “Best of 2007.” As tough as that was, compiling the Best of 2008 was an even larger undertaking. I have such an emotional connection with so much of the music that I pick for this show, that going back through it all is almost like time traveling back to the feelings that I was experiencing that particular month. It is a pretty cool experience, but, an exhausting one at the same time.

After perusing through my catalog of downtempo, chillout, bossas/ sambas, and lounge tunes from the past year, I chose my favorites from each episode… my “first picks.” Those first picks totaled two and a half hours of music! Needless to say, it was a long, heart-wrenching night last night taking two and half hours of music and choosing the best of the best for a show that is under eighty minutes long. Creating a synopsis for a year of amazing music can be a very difficult job, but I hammered through it. 🙂

So without further ado, here are the Best of 2008…

01. Trifonic– Sooner Or Later
02. Joash– Salome
03. Pretz– Chapel Stile
04. Oceanlab– On The Beach
05. Musetta– Nicotine
06. The Apples– Lou-e-zee-yanaa
07. Jamie Lidell– Little Bit Of Feel Good (Senor Coconut Mix)
08. Jamie Cullum– Frontin’ (Live)
09. Sunshine State– Day Job (Alister Johnson Remix)
10. Malena– Fried Samba
11. Paul Desmond– The Girl From East 9th Street
12. Rosalia De Souza– Bossa 31 (performed by Gerardo Frisina)
13. Poncho Sanchez– Watermelon Man (Dan The Automator Remix)
14. Third Day– Show Me Your Glory (Worldwide Groove Corporation Remix)
15. Matsi– Free

Every one of the artists in this month’s podcast are absolutely amazing. I encourage you to seek them out, learn about them, listen to their music, and support them by purchasing their music. In addition, I would like to highlight a couple of my absolute favorite artists of 2008…

If I had to pick one artist that truly left me captivated this year, it would have to be Senor Coconut And His Orchestra. What can I say about Senor Coconut? (UUUH… AAAAAAH!) He is writing, arranging, and remixing music the EXACT way that I like. I am hard pressed to find a song in his catalog that I do not like. (BLEEEEEE!) It’s an amazing mix of latin influenced music such as mambo, samba, and cha-cha with an electronic undertone… a mixture of live music with a big-band flare, and machine. (HUUUUUH!) Seek out Senor Coconut And His Orchestra, if you are lucky enough to live in a country in which they tour, go to a show (I sure wish that I could,) and buy every bit of this music that you can!

By the way, if you have no idea what the stuff in parentheses littering the paragraph above means, well, then you obviously have not familiarized yourself with Senor Coconut’s music. Get to work! 🙂

Another group worthy of special note is the Worldwide Groove Corporation. This is the second year that their music has made it on to my “Best of” show. Their remix of Third Day’s “Show Me You Glory” flat out left me awestruck! I have literally listened to this song hundreds of times and to this day, I still get chills up and down my spine. In my opinion, “Worldwide Groove Corporation” is synonymous with “quality production” and I look forward to continuing to build my own library with their music.


Worldwide Groove Corp recently started a remix project of Chillodesiac Lounge, vol. 1: FEVER (one of my album picks from last year) in which they have invited DJ’s to remix their work. I am definitely looking forward to checking that out.

I’d like to list some honorable mentions as well. Here are some of the artists that made my “first picks” but unfortunately had to be cut from the Best of 2008 podcast due to time constraints…

The Bamboos, Pilooski, Saravah Soul, Stereo Action Unlimited, Bebo Best and The Super lounge Orchestra, Samantha James, Soulphonic Soundsystem, and the Fort Knox Five.


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Bossa Chola 2008 11-11-08


It has been more than a year since the original “Bossa Chola” episode and I am pleased to say that I have finally created a sequel to one of my most highly regarded episodes. I was very happy to see a huge selection of Bossas, both new and old, available on just about every major MP3 outlet online. This is quite a change from the last time I decided to put together a show dedicated entirely to bossanova which required a huge ammount of time digging through old cd’s and compilations.

November 2008 brings you another installation of smooth bossanova and samba with a twist of lime. This podcast is a mixture of classics as well as neuvo bossa nova that is sure to completely mellow you out. If I had to define lounge music with one style, it would definitely be with Bossa Nova. This is a perfect mix to play while enjoying your favorite martini with friends.

Be sure to tune in next month for the “Best of 2008” episode. I can’t believe it is already that time of year!

Here is this month’s tracklist…

01. Rosalia De Souza– Bossa 31 (performed By Gerardo Frisina)
02. Bossa Nova Scratch– Senhorinha
03. Marcos Valle– Nova Bossa Nova
04. Formation Soul– Bossa Sun Groove (Dj Rocco)
05. Marchio Bossa– No Bossa No Party
06. Paul Desmond– The Girl From East 9th Street
07. Cannonball Adderley And The Bossa Rio Sextet- Groovy Samba
08. Lisa Wahlandt & Mulo Francel– Recado Bossa Nova
09. Yanagisawa Akiko– My cross
10. Clara Moreno– Slow Motion Bossa Nova
11. Ray Barretto– Work Song (Thievery Corporation Rmx)
12. Los Zafiros– Bossa Cubana
13. Nouvelle– Decidete Mi Amor
14. Charlie Byrd– Wave (Mario C. Remix)


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Happy Hour For The Soul 10-02-08


Sour… yea, the last month has left a little bit of a sour taste in my mouth. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for so many positive things in my life that overall, I feel pretty good. However, the loss of an old friend and two family friends this month has been a little overwhelming.

That being said, I heard a lyric in a song in this month’s downtempo podcast that yanked me right out my melancholy madness. To quote Matsi… “my cup isn’t half full, it’s overflowing.” I think that is the perfect way to look at life. No matter how tough things might be for you at the moment, I think that it is important to look around you and see all of the wonderful things that you DO have and, to thank God for each and every one of them.

I think a lot of us have been overwhelmed by the darkness that tends to make its way in to our lives from time to time. As Americans, every time we turn on the TV lately, we seem to be reminded of it. A scary economy, a wild election year, loss of jobs, bad weather…WHATEVER… it seems to be everywhere.

In this month’s downtempo podcast, I have really worked to put together a show with songs that just put a smile on my face… I hope it does the same for each of you. Take some time this weekend, say a prayer for someone that needs it, do something nice for a complete stranger, snuggle with the one that you love most (it’s SO good for the soul,) read a book, take a nap, pour a drink, listen to some positive music, and hang out with friends and family. Enjoy a “Happy Hour for the Soul,” be happy, and remember, from darkness… comes light.

This month’s podcast is dedicated to Christopher “Casper” Venuti and the friends and family he leaves behind. I hope angels dig beatboxing as much as we did. I raise my glass of Vodka Soda with a Twist of Lemon… for you. 😉

Here is this month’s tracklist…

01. Beatfanatic– Cookin (Funky 7 mix)
02. Mo’ Horizons– Green Day (Alister Johnson Remix)
03. Sono Rhizmo’– My House
04. Matsi– Free
05. Poncho Sanchez– Watermelon Man (Dan the Automater Rmx)
06. Louie Austen & Senor Coconut – Reality (Senor Coconut Rmx)
07. Seu Jorge– Cuidar De Mim
08. Chairlift– Bruises
09. Flow Dynamics– Bossa for Bebo (Lack of Afro mix)
10. Lefties Soul Connection– Its your Thing- Hey Pocky a Way
11. Jamie Cullum– Frontin’ (Live)
12. Jose James– The Dreamer
13. The Dynamics– Feel Like Making Love
14. Sonny J– Sonnrise


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SPECIAL GUEST MIX: Slackline- Urban Sensibility 09-15-08


Hello everyone, I have a very exciting Special Guest Mix this month for your listening pleasure. Chris Lindsey from Slackline Radio was nice enough to put together a fantastic mix for the “Chill with the Chola” podcast entitled “Urban Sensibility”. The mix is chock full of tasty hip hop influenced, “urban downtempo,” and is almost a full hour of relaxing bliss.

If you are not familiar with Slackline Radio, well, then you have not been doing your downtempo homework now have you? 🙂 Slackline Radio is an online radio station broadcasting all things downtempo from Anchorage, Alaska. Streaming music is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, so, you can get your downtempo fix any time that you feel the need. I visit this site almost daily and tune in for hours at a time. It is a perfect place to find new artists in the genres that I love so much.

On top of owning and operating an online radio station, Chris is also a contributing writer for Properly Chilled where he writes record reviews. If you are a downtempo artist, do yourself a favor and contact Chris. He is a super friendly guy who really loves the downtempo scene, and, he is respected the world over for his taste and opinion. If you are a “downtempo connoisseur,” definitely check out Slackline Radio… you will not regret it!You can find Chris Lindsey here…

Here is the tracklist…

01. The Jazzual Suspects– Hotpot
02. Martian Tin Can– It’s Lovely Here
03. Charlie Tate– Coh Chin
04. Dubomatic– Logical Dub
05. Jon Kennedy– 110% Proof
06. Legion of Green Men– Beyond the Borderless
07. Tripswitch– Tomahna
08. Kalabi– Revolver
09. T Spigot– Squelch
10. Nor Elle– These Strange Days
11. Blackfish– Delta



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Relax 09-02-08


Soooo, this month I decided to put together a nice, relaxing, downtempo podcast featuring some fantastic new chillout tunes and artists. I have found myself a little on edge the last 3-4 weeks because I am in the middle of Hurricane Central (Florida.) I really needed some music to chill out too! :)I started digging for music for this episode weeks ago and found a TON of chillout, downtempo, ambient, trip hop, acid jazz, etc. I played around with the set quite a bit and it was tough to scale down the episode to a manageable 70 minutes. If you are “in the know” than you may have already grabbed the extended mix of this month’s podcast. I hope this month’s episode leaves you feeling as chilled out as it left me. Enjoy!

Here is this month’s tracklist…

01. Trifonic– Parks On Fire
02. Amun– Red Eyes
03. Dousk– Anagram
04. Urban Myth Club– Breathe
05. DJ Nyk– Amber
06. Bedroom Lullaby– Kisses In The Rain
07. Dezarate– La Noche
08. Oceanlab– On The Beach
09. Chillwalker– Blue
10. Carpatica– Space
11. Blackfish– Delta
12. Pretz– Chapel Stile
13. Collective Sound Members– A Touch Of Jazz


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