SPECIAL GUEST MIX: Slackline- Urban Sensibility 09-15-08


Hello everyone, I have a very exciting Special Guest Mix this month for your listening pleasure. Chris Lindsey from Slackline Radio was nice enough to put together a fantastic mix for the “Chill with the Chola” podcast entitled “Urban Sensibility”. The mix is chock full of tasty hip hop influenced, “urban downtempo,” and is almost a full hour of relaxing bliss.

If you are not familiar with Slackline Radio, well, then you have not been doing your downtempo homework now have you? 🙂 Slackline Radio is an online radio station broadcasting all things downtempo from Anchorage, Alaska. Streaming music is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, so, you can get your downtempo fix any time that you feel the need. I visit this site almost daily and tune in for hours at a time. It is a perfect place to find new artists in the genres that I love so much.

On top of owning and operating an online radio station, Chris is also a contributing writer for Properly Chilled where he writes record reviews. If you are a downtempo artist, do yourself a favor and contact Chris. He is a super friendly guy who really loves the downtempo scene, and, he is respected the world over for his taste and opinion. If you are a “downtempo connoisseur,” definitely check out Slackline Radio… you will not regret it!You can find Chris Lindsey here…


Here is the tracklist…

01. The Jazzual Suspects– Hotpot
02. Martian Tin Can– It’s Lovely Here
03. Charlie Tate– Coh Chin
04. Dubomatic– Logical Dub
05. Jon Kennedy– 110% Proof
06. Legion of Green Men– Beyond the Borderless
07. Tripswitch– Tomahna
08. Kalabi– Revolver
09. T Spigot– Squelch
10. Nor Elle– These Strange Days
11. Blackfish– Delta



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