Happy Hour For The Soul 10-02-08


Sour… yea, the last month has left a little bit of a sour taste in my mouth. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for so many positive things in my life that overall, I feel pretty good. However, the loss of an old friend and two family friends this month has been a little overwhelming.

That being said, I heard a lyric in a song in this month’s downtempo podcast that yanked me right out my melancholy madness. To quote Matsi… “my cup isn’t half full, it’s overflowing.” I think that is the perfect way to look at life. No matter how tough things might be for you at the moment, I think that it is important to look around you and see all of the wonderful things that you DO have and, to thank God for each and every one of them.

I think a lot of us have been overwhelmed by the darkness that tends to make its way in to our lives from time to time. As Americans, every time we turn on the TV lately, we seem to be reminded of it. A scary economy, a wild election year, loss of jobs, bad weather…WHATEVER… it seems to be everywhere.

In this month’s downtempo podcast, I have really worked to put together a show with songs that just put a smile on my face… I hope it does the same for each of you. Take some time this weekend, say a prayer for someone that needs it, do something nice for a complete stranger, snuggle with the one that you love most (it’s SO good for the soul,) read a book, take a nap, pour a drink, listen to some positive music, and hang out with friends and family. Enjoy a “Happy Hour for the Soul,” be happy, and remember, from darkness… comes light.

This month’s podcast is dedicated to Christopher “Casper” Venuti and the friends and family he leaves behind. I hope angels dig beatboxing as much as we did. I raise my glass of Vodka Soda with a Twist of Lemon… for you. 😉

Here is this month’s tracklist…

01. Beatfanatic– Cookin (Funky 7 mix)
02. Mo’ Horizons– Green Day (Alister Johnson Remix)
03. Sono Rhizmo’– My House
04. Matsi– Free
05. Poncho Sanchez– Watermelon Man (Dan the Automater Rmx)
06. Louie Austen & Senor Coconut – Reality (Senor Coconut Rmx)
07. Seu Jorge– Cuidar De Mim
08. Chairlift– Bruises
09. Flow Dynamics– Bossa for Bebo (Lack of Afro mix)
10. Lefties Soul Connection– Its your Thing- Hey Pocky a Way
11. Jamie Cullum– Frontin’ (Live)
12. Jose James– The Dreamer
13. The Dynamics– Feel Like Making Love
14. Sonny J– Sonnrise


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