This site is the home of the final archive of the “Chill with The Chola” podcast… AND MORE. After 3 years of podcasting, I decided to stop posting new episodes of the show and move all of the previous episodes from Podomatic.com to a final resting place here. While I have enjoyed producing the “Chill with The Chola” podcast, I found that producing a monthly show was becoming more and more difficult. Because of that, continuing to host with Podomatic.com and paying the fees associated with that began to make less and less sense. I have had a lot of fun producing the Chill with The Chola podcast and I have learned a lot along the way. However, I feel that it is a good time to bring this project to an end and leave on a high note rather than continuing to miss deadlines.

I still continue to enjoy downtempo music and I will post mixes to this site from time to time. However, the format will not be as structured as the Chill with The Chola podcast, and, releases will be less frequent. Also, new episodes will be filed under the “Definitive Downtempo” title and category. The Chill with The Chola project has come to an official end.

I would like to thank all of the fans of the Chill with The Chola podcast for making the last three years so much fun. If you have enjoyed my selection of music in the past few years and would like to see what the future has in store, I encourage you to subscribe to this site’s RSS Feed for future releases.