Chola’s Curiously LoFi Chillout Mix


I have been seeking out down tempo artists on Myspace for weeks and have put together a great playlist worth of downloads because of it. As I was listening to part of that playlist yesterday, I decided I liked it so much that I would put a quick “mix” together.

This mix is a little different than my last couple. It is very down tempo, but is rich, melodic, and moody… a great atmospheric background. It is more of a woven compilation than a mix. It has a range of tempos and styles. Most of this music was downloaded from talented Independent artists on Myspace. The original mp3’s are compressed and lower quality, hence the “Lofi” title. But, I think it kind of adds a warm charm to the compilation. Here is the track list…

01: Bent– Cylons in Love
02: Pitx– Hard Moon
03: Richard Dekkard– Karma Harvest-Penumbra
04: Xploding Plastix– Funnybones Lazylegs
05: Myndseter– Normalize
06: Pelican City– Northside
07: Gavin Castleton– Why Wake Up
08: Soulmonk– Enamored featuring Ben Green
09: Chiarastella– Mandorlinfiore
10: S-Tune– Summer Rain (Chillout Mix)
11: Syntripital– Dignity
12: Prolyphic– Blue Lemonade
13: Sage Francis– Broken Wings
14: Joey Beats– Coxcomb Red Remix


2 thoughts on “Chola’s Curiously LoFi Chillout Mix

  1. A new chill out track

    After the critically acclaimed first solo CD TAG, (best of the month on Amazon)
    Adriana a co-founder of the legendary band Kid Creole and the Coconuts collaborated with Hit producer Ron Rogers.
    They just released this brand new downtempo single, that is sultry, funny and funky at the same time
    “He Delivers”. If you like it, pls rate it, review it and share it with your friends.

    Love to hear your feedback….

    Adriana Kaegi

  2. Great potcast, I love it! I’ve been grdining leaves as a lab aid at the University of Sherbrooke 35 hours a week and the low tempo music you play on your show is keeping me sain in that lonesome and windowless room.You’re being awesome; keep it up!

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