So Long and Thanks for All the Fish 03-03-10


Well here it is, the final episode of the Chill with The Chola podcast. After 3 years of podcasting, I have decided that it is time to bring this project to an end and focus on other projects. I have enjoyed producing the podcast, but, I have to admit that my heart has not been fully in to producing the monthly show for some time now.

I continue to enjoy downtempo music and I intend to release mixes from time to time, just not on, not on a monthly basis, and not under the “Chill with The Chola” name. An ARCHIVE of the entire Chill with The Chola podcast has been brought online over at┬áDefinitive Downtempo so that you may access old episodes. Any future releases that I make will also be available on that site under the “Definitive Downtempo” title and category.

I would like to thank all of the loyal listeners of the Chill with The Chola podcast for making this project so much fun. If you would like to stay in touch, head on over to and subscibe to the RSS feed.

So Long and Thanks for All the Fish!

Here is the final tracklist…

01. Trotter- Is The Feeling (Umbo Remix)
02. Reel People and Tony Momrelle- Star (RP’s Club Mix)
03. LTJ X-perience- Cocos
04. Faltydl- Party
05. Apple Juice Kid- Kiss
06. Ethan Goldhammer- In The Pocket
07. Audio Lotion- Azul De Voce
08. Forces of Nature- Sol Wave
09. Modulo 5- Last Equinox
10. Berkstroem- Hugo
11. Jean F. Cochois- Stereotype
12. Dukespan NYC- Roxanne

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Urban Cocktail Hour 2009 02-10-09



Well I hate to say it… it is unfortunate… but the fact of the matter is that every podcaster comes to a point where he has a creative block. Moments become hours, hours become days, days become weeks… etc, etc, etc.

As an avid podcast subscriber, I have always hated when a DJ misses a show… don’t they know that we are waiting, patiently waiting, to listen to what they will bring us next? I hate when they do that… oh wait, I am guilty of just that! I am indeed sorry.

I did not post a podcast in January, the very month that the Chill with the Chola podcast turned two years old. I will try to make up for that throughout the year, posting an extra episode here or there if possible, or even better, finding more guest DJ’s to produce mid month episodes.

I finally found my muse after booking a trip to Chicago this coming weekend… I cannot wait! I am headed up to Chicago to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the girl that I love. To be in one of my favorite cities with my favorite person excites me to no end. A city full of romance, UNBELIEVABLE food, scenery, jazz/ blues, etc… I just cannot wait!

This month I have decided to revisit a classic “Chill with the Chola” idea… the Urban Cocktail Hour, inspired by the trip that I am about to make to one of this nation’s finest cities. The Urban Cocktail Hour is about celebrating the music inspired by the big city… jazz, funk, lounge, downtempo, jazzy hip hop… it is all here. If this set does not get your head bobbin,’ I am not sure what will. I hope that you will enjoy this month’s podcast with your favorite libations.

I would like to dedicate one of the most interesting, unconventional, and beautiful pieces of music in this month’s set (Jazzanova’s “Little Bird”) to my own little bird. XO.

Here is this month’s tracklist…

01. Funk Off– Magic Touch
02. Katalyst– All You’ve Got (Ft. Hau, Ru C.L., Yungun)
03. Fort Knox Five– Sao Funky (Parts 1 & 2)
04. Mario Biondi– This Is What You Are (Dim’s Hipster Jazz)
05. Khromozomes & Kristin Mainhart– Another Girl
06. Kero One– In All The Wrong Places
07. Roberto Roena– Take Five (Nicola Conte Remix)
08. The Apples– Killing (45 Mix)
09. Nitin Sawhney– Days of Fire (Ft. Natty)
10. Jazzanova– Little Bird (ft. Jose James)
11. The Stance Brothers– Capricorn
12. The Bird And The Bee– Polite Dance Song
13. Kenichiro Nishihara– From Time To Time (ft. Gregg Green)

And by the way… a big phat tuba bassline with a tenor sax solo just makes me want to get down!1 minute 46 seconds… that sh!t gets the f@ck down! I just thought that you should know that ­čÖé


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This Podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License to support the interests of the original featured artists.


Listener Supported 04-02-08


In the past year I have been given the opportunity to seek out independent artists and labels that I dig, and, to try to give them the credit that they truly deserve by hopefully providing a medium that they can use to expose the world to what they do best.

While my doors are always open, last month I put out an “open call” for independent artists to submit their music AND, for listeners to recommend artists that I might enjoy. I had a great response and this month’s show has been defined by the people that contacted me!

In this month’s episode of the “Chill with the Chola” podcast, I would like to introduce you to a selection of music submitted from new artists and, new music from old friends of the show. The show is an eclectic mix of genres from underground hip-hop, nu-jazz, chillout, and downtempo and mixing this set has left me feeling kind of like a mad scientist. Well, maybe like a crazy conductor of a super cool symphony! ­čÖé ENJOY!

Thanks to all of you that contacted me this month!

Here is this month’s tracklist…

01. DeepThinkers– I Got Ya Back
02. Ology Project– Take The Time
03. Airpushers– Push That Air ft Golden
04. Musetta– We Will Fade Out
05. Auditory Canvas– Self Portrait
06. Kush– Sweet 3
07. Fabio Nobile– Fly to the moon rmx 45 mb
08. Ame one– Umbra (Down Tempo Remix)
09. Torso– Ultraviolet weekend
10. Sharif D– Endless Summer
11. Softys– One More Night
12. Third Day– Show Me Your Glory (Worldwide Groove Corporation Rmx)

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This Podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License to support the interests of the original featured artists.


Jazz Vibrations 03-05-08


I decided it was time to get back to some Jazz influenced music this month and found a great selection of songs. I played this set at a little dinner party this weekend and it was the perfect tonal background for a great meal and intimate conversation. Enjoy!

Next month I would love to post a show created entirely with listener submitted music. I have received quite a few promotional CD’s, Albums, and MP3’s alike from independent artists, record labels, and fans of the show. So, if you are a downtempo artist, or, know someone who is, feel free to contact me at << EDIT >> to find out more information about how to send me your music for consideration. This is a great opportunity for up and coming artists to expose over 5000 active subscribers worldwide to their music, so, don’t be shy! If your music is selected, I will of course provide links back to you.

Here is this month’s tracklist…

01. Joash– Salome
02. Kevin Yost– Rush Hour
03. Quasimode– The Land Of Freedom
04. Musetta– Nicotine
05. Christian Prommer’s Drumlesson– Beau Mot Plage
06. The Lawries– Sailboats
07. Clara Hills Folkwaves– Everything ft Marc Mac
08. Azymuth– Caca A Raposa (DJ Venom Re-edit)
09. Simbad– After The Dance ft Melo (Raw Fusion Edit)
10. Black Mighty Orchestra– Rua Escondida
11. Sunaga T Experience– Versiliana Samba
12. Jazzanova– The Sirens’ Call

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This Podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License to support the interests of the original featured artists.


Chola’s Curiously LoFi Chillout Mix


I have been seeking out down tempo artists on Myspace for weeks and have put together a great playlist worth of downloads because of it. As I was listening to part of that playlist yesterday, I decided I liked it so much that I would put a quick “mix” together.

This mix is a little different than my last couple. It is very down tempo, but is rich, melodic, and moody… a great atmospheric background. It is more of a woven compilation than a mix. It has a range of tempos and styles.┬áMost of this music was downloaded from talented Independent artists on Myspace. The original mp3’s are compressed and lower quality, hence┬áthe “Lofi” title. But, I think it kind of adds a warm charm to the compilation. Here is the track list…

01: Bent– Cylons in Love
02: Pitx– Hard Moon
03: Richard Dekkard– Karma Harvest-Penumbra
04: Xploding Plastix– Funnybones Lazylegs
05: Myndseter– Normalize
06: Pelican City– Northside
07: Gavin Castleton– Why Wake Up
08: Soulmonk– Enamored featuring Ben Green
09: Chiarastella– Mandorlinfiore
10: S-Tune– Summer Rain (Chillout Mix)
11: Syntripital– Dignity
12: Prolyphic– Blue Lemonade
13: Sage Francis– Broken Wings
14: Joey Beats– Coxcomb Red Remix