Chola’s Curiously LoFi Chillout Mix


I have been seeking out down tempo artists on Myspace for weeks and have put together a great playlist worth of downloads because of it. As I was listening to part of that playlist yesterday, I decided I liked it so much that I would put a quick “mix” together.

This mix is a little different than my last couple. It is very down tempo, but is rich, melodic, and moody… a great atmospheric background. It is more of a woven compilation than a mix. It has a range of tempos and styles.┬áMost of this music was downloaded from talented Independent artists on Myspace. The original mp3’s are compressed and lower quality, hence┬áthe “Lofi” title. But, I think it kind of adds a warm charm to the compilation. Here is the track list…

01: Bent– Cylons in Love
02: Pitx– Hard Moon
03: Richard Dekkard– Karma Harvest-Penumbra
04: Xploding Plastix– Funnybones Lazylegs
05: Myndseter– Normalize
06: Pelican City– Northside
07: Gavin Castleton– Why Wake Up
08: Soulmonk– Enamored featuring Ben Green
09: Chiarastella– Mandorlinfiore
10: S-Tune– Summer Rain (Chillout Mix)
11: Syntripital– Dignity
12: Prolyphic– Blue Lemonade
13: Sage Francis– Broken Wings
14: Joey Beats– Coxcomb Red Remix