Special Promo Mix: Deep on the Offbeat Volume 2


I just wanted to share a progressive house mix that I recently put together. It is a follow up to the mix that I recorded back in August entitled “Deep on the Offbeat.”

While the music is not exactly “downtempo,” I thought that some of you may enjoy listening to it. Enjoy!


Here is the tracklist…

01. Matteo Marini – I Never Find
02. Maarten Hercules – Pluto
03. Union Jack – Blink
04. Chad Helenthal – I’ve Been Listening
05. Kassey Voorn – Neptune (Bastards Of Funk & Sonic Union Remix)
06. Dezza – Xafilah (Roddy Reynaert Remix)
07. Dirty Vegas – Tonight (Above & Beyond Remix)
08. James Talk & Ridney – West End Girls ( Club Mix )
09. Eitan Reiter – Ups & Downs (Andrea Bertolini Remix)
10. Sidekick – Deep Fear (Alberto Fracasso Remix

Deep on the Offbeat Volume 1


A couple of times a year I take a break from the downtempo tunes and put together a mix with some great house or breakbeat tunes. This year, I went a little more progressive than I have in the past few years and am pretty darn happy with the outcome. Enjoy!

Here is the tracklist:

01. Adam K & Soha – Who Cares
02. Deadmau5 – Faxing Berlin (Chris Lake Edit)
03. Radiohead – Everything in its Right Place (Gigamesh Remix v2.0)
04. Christian Weber – Electronic Love (Club Mix)
05. Kaskade &Deadmau5 – I Remember (Vocal Mix)
06. Luigi Lusini – Imago
07. 16 Bit Lolitas & Glowfield – Calling New York
08. Julius Beat – The Silence (Yuan Remix)
09. Pryda – Melo
10. Chris Lake Ft. Laura V – Changes (Vocal Club Mix)
11. Moony – I Don’t Know Why (Dj Chus & Jerome Isma-Ae Superdub Mix)

Cue Sheet available Here.

Good Evening Space Travelers 07-02-07


This month’s mix is dedicated to my friends at http://www.lounge-radio.com.

Wow, what a month! In this episode I decided to slow things down a bit and really explore those great synthetic landscapes and atmospheres that so many talented artists have created for us.

While the show is certainly much dreamier than normal, it is far from ambient. It is very spacey and has that “big Progressive sound” that I love so much! It is full of rich, harmonic melodies, and, has plenty of rhythm throughout the set, albeit not in the forefront of most of these arrangements. There are some incredibly emotional pieces of music in this month’s Podcast and I found myself getting chills on more than one occasion! Enjoy! 🙂

Here is this month’s tracklist…

01. Spooky– Belong (Echo Space Dub)

02. Cell– Under Your Mind (Live Version)

03. The Last Atlant– Reversed Cloud

04. Jonn Serrie– And The Stars Go With You

05. Vibrasphere– Ensueno

06. Joris Voorn– My People

07. Prime 33– Burn (Astrid Suryanto Mix)

08. Analog Box– Long Way Back

09. Trentemoller and Buda– Gamma

10. Kyau and Albert– Hooked On Infinity (Album Version)

11. Ulrich Schnauss– Einfeld

< < EDIT > > If you enjoy this set, I would like to recommend two artists in particular for you to research. The first is John Serrie.

Mr. Serrie is an artist that my father turned me on to in the early to mid 90’s. At the time I was fascinated with electronic music because it was completely revolutionary to me. My father enjoyed music in all forms. From classical music, to classic rock, jazz, etc… he has an exceptional CD collection. At some point he played Serrie’s Planetary Chronicles Volume 1 for me and happened to note that the music that I had started to love was not that much different from the music that he enjoyed himself. That stuck with me.

You may not know his name, but I can assure you that you have probably already heard Serrie’s music. If you have seen the movie, What the Bleep do We Know, watched the Discovery Science channel, seen PBS, or have been to a planetarium in a major city in the U.S… chances are you have already been captivated by his ability to lift you off this planet!

The second artist I would like to recommend to you is, Ulrich Schnuass. Like many DJ’s and electronica fans alike, my first experience with his music was Sasha’s remix of “On my Own,” the conclusion to one of Sasha’s most revolutionary DJ CD’s ever… Involver. (I am a little embaressed that I was not “in the know.”)

After being hooked by the likes of Sasha, I bought all of Schnuass’ music I could get my hands on. I found myself seeking him out and quickly became enamored by his creations.

Like many of his fans, I ultimately found myself anxiously awaiting the release of Goodbye. And with it’s release, all I can say is… WOW! If you like music that will give you goose bumps, BUY THIS CD! I closed my set this month with “Einfeld,” and as amazing as that song is, it was a hard choice to make from his new CD.

Seek out Serrie and Schnuass and I am sure you will find yourself enamored, much as I have. I am not sure there is an amp and speaker system that can really due them justice, but, a pair of headphones or a nice home stereo will get you started! Their music music is not just good… it is good for the soul. Take an hour or two for yourself… I am sure you will agree.;)